How To Sell On Carousell Malaysia?

Do you ever wonder how to sell on Carousell Malaysia? Or are you new to Carousell Malaysia? Is selling off your preloved items and get back your money sounds attractive to you?

Cool! Then you are at the right place. This post will be sharing the step-by-step guide on how to start listing and selling your items or products on Carousell Malaysia.

I have been a user of Carousell for around 6 years. Although, I might not be the top seller or buyer, yet there are things that I can share with those new to Carousell.

What is Carousell Malaysia?

how to sell on carousell malaysia
An image from Carousell Malaysia

If you are wondering, what is Carousell Malaysia? Carousell is an online marketplace or platform for people to sell and buy items online.

Carousell is a friendly platform that enables individuals to sell or buy personal and preloved items online. Also, it does not have complicated requirements for signing up, only a few simple verifications are required.

Steps on How To Sell on Carousell Malaysia:

1. Sign up as a Carousell User

how to sell on carousell malaysia

To begin with, you need an account to start listing your items. Go to Carousell Malaysia and register an account.

My suggestion would be to set up a cute username or one that can represent you, instead of coming up with a username that makes no sense, such as hdfd34sjjd. It might affect the chances of buyers approaching you when your account looks suspicious (a potential scam or fraud).

2. Setting Up Your Account

Voila, you have your account. Now you can start setting it up.

The main objective here is to ensure you verify your identity and make your account looks like a real user instead of a scammer. Especially, as a new user of Carousell without any reviews, it might take some time before you start to receive offers from buyers.

In order to look like a real user, you may put some effort to set up your account as below:

how to sell on carousell malaysia
  • Getting a profile picture for your account.
    Find a suitable profile picture. It does not need to be your personal photo, as long as the photo does not looks suspicious will do.
  • Verified your phone number and email address (Also, Facebook account if applicable)
    On your profile, there will be showing whether you verify your phone number and email address.
  • Fill up your “About” section
    When people visit your profile, they can check out your “About” section. It is your bio for Carousell account.

    However, due to the words limitation, you may pick a few key information to write about.

    Things you can include:

    – Brief introduction
    Example: Hi, I’m Jane and I am finding new owners for my lovely books here.

    – Customise message or information
    Example: For reference, I am a size 4.

    – Terms and conditions
    Example: No exchange, return or refund. Swaps available. Booking with deposit.

    – Posting day
    Example: 1-3 working days after payment. Every Wednesday.

    – Payment method
    Example: Carousell Protection only. E-wallet is acceptable.

    – Online hours
    Example: Mon – Fri 10a.m.-10p.m. Message after 10p.m. will reply the next day.

3. Post Items on Your Lisiting

Congratulation, your account now is up and running, you may start listing your items.

There are a few details required when listing an item.

Below image as an illustration:

how to sell on carousell

A few recommendations on creating an attractive post:

  • Take good photos.
    As sellng online is highly depends on photos or images, you should spend some time on taking good products photo. A few ideas to start with:

    1. Take item’s photos under good lighting.
    I normally prefer natural lighting (the Sun).

    2. Simple backgroud will do.
    It’s better to get photos with a plain and contrast background in order to show your items clearer.

    3. Keep the colour as close as possible to the real items.
    Do not over-edit the photos.

    4. Snap close up photos for the details.
    The details can be the pattern, defects, conditions and so on.

    5. Comparison photo using common items.
    Use A4 paper instead of Ipad (unless relevant), logically, A4 paper is more accessible than Ipad.

    6. Provide multiple photos.
    Post more photos to show more information and details.

    7. Attractive (yet) realistic cover photo.
    We can’t deny, human are visual beings. We are attracted by nice looking photos.

    8. Proof of authentic.
    If the your items is something with counterfeit issues, then showing the proof of authentic is important.
    It could be either proof of purchase from authorised seller, certificates or warranty cards.

  • Description of the items
    Besides good photos, description is equally important. Description is how you describe or explain your items to the potential buyers. Things to include in description but not limited to:

    1. Condition of the items.
    Comparing the item to it’s brand new condition.
    Rate it a number out of 10.
    Or you can decribe it using words like pristine, good, fine, functionable, need replacement of spare parts.

    2. Information of the items.
    Providing detail information on the items.
    Some ideas on information to provide, for instance:
    – Where it is from?
    – When you got it?
    – What collection is the item in?
    – Original price of the item.
    – Authetic check.
    – ISBN. (For books)
    – Expiry date.
    – Why are you selling it?
    – Personal message, such as “shoes is slightly bigger than normal size 8.”

    3. Measurements of the items.
    Since your buyer unable to check the physical items, this is why providing them an accurate measurements is a priority.

    For instance:
    Length X Width X Height (8cmx3cmx5cm)

    Shoulder length: 40cm
    Sleeve length: 31cm
    Shirt length: 63cm
    Bust measurement: 102cm

    You can put a disclaimer for the measurement such as “There might be 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.”

4. Decide Whether to Accept The Offer

I know, receiving offers could be exciting. However, there are a few things to consider before you accept an offer from a buyer:

1. Check the buyer accounts and reviews.
Ensure the buyer is a legit buyer before you proceed with the offer.

I will always go through the buyer reviews first before I reply to the buyer chat or offer.

2. Use Carousell Protection.
With Carousell Protection, you are able to deal without compromise your privacy as you do not need to provide your bank or e-wallet information to your buyers.

If your buyer decline to use Carousell Protection because of the extra charges, you may offer to reimburse back the charges.

In particular, those transactions with a higher amount or when dealing with high-risk users (bad rating).

3. Ensure buyers are fully aware of and accept the conditions of the items.
From my experience, it is better to honestly remind the buyers regarding the defects or conditions of your items as well as confirm that they are willing to accept them.

It would be troublesome if you did not honest with them in the first place. Trust me, you would not want to deal with the after-sales refund, exchange or return.

4. Communicate the arrangement of delivery with the buyers.
It is recommended that you communicate with your buyers about the item’s delivery beforehand. Inform them when will you ship the items, what courier you will be using, how long do you need and so on.

5. Confirm you are able to deliver.
The situations below might happen from time to time.
– Your items listing might be there for a very long time and you may forget where do you keep the items.
– The current conditions of the items might be different from your previous listing.
– Your mom might donate the items and you did not aware of.

In brief, the irresponsible act of wasting your buyer’s time and cancelling a deal could be avoided if you make the effort to check beforehand.

5. After-Sales

Now, you have accepted an offer and delivered the items. So, what’s next?

A few things that you can do (other than waiting for the payment):

1. Update your buyer the tracking number.
After posting the items, you should update your buyer with the courier tracking number.

2. Check with your buyer whether they received the items.
If the tracking status is delivered, check with your buyer whether did they received the items safely.

3. Leave a review.
Lastly, leave a review for your buyer and ask them to leave one for you too.

That’s all for this How to Sell on Carousell Malaysia guide.

Hope everyone has a good experience of selling and buying on Carousell.

It does not need to be new to be awesome.

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Support second-hand or preloved items, they are good for both the environment and also your wallet 😉

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