What is Pandapro?

Pandapro is a monthly subscription by Foodpanda Malaysia and by subscribing you will receive exclusive benefits across Foodpanda.

Pandapro foodpanda pro

Currently, the subscription cost RM14.90 per month instead of RM29.90. And, it is auto-renewal at the end of your billing cycle.

(Update) Now Foodpanda pandapro have a limited time offer at only RM0.88 per month when you subcribe to their 12-month plan, so it’s RM10.56 for 12 months.

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Benefits of being a Pandapro:

  1. Welcome Voucher (worth RM15, for once only)
  2. Free deliveries (12 orders per month, on orders above RM25)
  3. 15% off and up on restaurants (selected restaurants)
  4. Extra 5% off for Pickup (selected restaurants)
  5. 2 x 20% off for shops (on orders above RM45)
  6. (Update) Enjoy 25% off on total bills when dine in at selected restaurants (limit to 3 redemptions per outlet)

How much I Saved by Subscribing to Pandapro?

Total I saved RM34.94 from one month of subscription, after deducting the subscription cost.

The calculation is as below:

foodpanda pro


What I love about it:

1. Free deliveries (on orders above RM25)

With the subscription, you can enjoy free deliveries up to 12 orders every month, which I think is the highlight of pandapro.

The average delivery fee would be range from RM2.99 to RM5.29 for my area. If I take RM2.99 as an assumption, I would cover the subscription fee of RM14.90 with just 5 orders (RM2.99 x 5 orders =RM14.95).

2. Extra Two 20% vouchers for purchase above RM45

On top of the normal vouchers available on Foodpanda platform, you also got extra two vouchers that you may use for orders above RM45.

Previously, when I used the voucher, the discount was capped at RM10. However, I could not find the voucher details on the website (at the time I writing this).

3. The exclusive benefits is clear and straightforward

Overall, the benefits are as they mentioned on their apps and it is straighforward.

Free deliveries as long as your orders are above RM25 for the first 12 orders of the month. The vouchers will be automatically applied if the criteria meet.

There also will be a sign on the top left corner if the restaurants are participating in the 15% off benefits of the subscription.

4. Free deliveries can be combined with voucher

From my experience, you can apply the vouchers available on the platform as usual and also enjoy the free delivery at the same time.

As long as your order amount is over RM25 before applying the vouchers, you can enjoy the free delivery. It means the final payable amount might be less than RM25.


There are a few limitations too I would say.

1. Unable to utilise all benefits

I think in certain areas there might be more options available for the 15% off benefits, but not for my area.

They do have restaurants in my area that participated in the programme. However, it is not the restaurant that I would order from. In the month of subscription, I ordered from four different restaurants but all four do not participate in the programme.

I do take a look at the selected restaurants. For my area, most of them are beverages or cafes so I guess this 15% off benefit does not suit my personal preference.

(Update) The same for 25% off on total bills when dine in at selected restaurants. The options I could say is very limited. (The time I writing this, the options available for me is 14 restaurants and only 5 of thems are nearby.)

2. One voucher for one order

No voucher stacking allows, which I think is fair enough. One voucher for one order.

For those that wonder whether you can use the free delivery + exclusive voucher + normal platform voucher in one order, the answer is no. You can either use the exclusive voucher or the normal platform voucher in one order with the free delivery benefit.

Verdict for Pandapro

Is it worth the Ringgit? If the subscription is RM14.90, the answer is yes for me. If the price goes backs to RM29.90, I might need to reconsider. I do use other platforms as well, so Pandapro at RM29.90 per month might not be as cost-effective compared to others.

If you are staying alone or not a person that order delivery that often, this might not be a plan for you. Considering, the fact that it is harder to hit the free delivery of RM25 per order if you are ordering for one pax.

I would recommend you to check out the restaurants and stores available on Foodpanda first, whether are they the ones you would order from time to time. If your regular restaurants or stores are not on the platform, you might need to consider the cost of the subscription.

(Update) Currently, I subscribing to their limited offer at RM0.88 per month for the 12-month plan, and I already got back the RM10.56 I paid for the whole year (12 months). If you are existing customer of Foodpanda delivery, I would say the RM0.88 per month offer is a no-brainer.

How to Make Most Out of Pandapro?

When you subscribe, make sure you link it to your cashback credit card so you could get cashback from your monthly subscription payment.

2. Make use of the platform voucher

From time to time, there will be Foodpanda promotion available on the platform. You can pair the voucher with the free delivery benefit to save more. You may find the Foodpanda voucher on the website.

3. Order on Foodpanda through Shopback

As an existing customer, you may get 0.5% cashback on your Foodpanda order through Shopback. (If you are new, it’s even better, you got up to 7% cashback on your first order according to the screenshot above)

4. Subscribe to Pandapro with different account (if you are heavy user)

If you and your household are heavy users of the Foodpanda platform, you may consider subscribing to Pandapro using your family members or your friends Foodpanda accounts. (Example, your monthly order is more than 12 orders, you may separate the order between two or more accounts.) But, remember to do the math before you subscribe, make sure the benefits are more than the subscription cost.

5. Purchase Foodpanda voucher on Shopback to get cashback

If there are no vouchers available for you to apply, you may consider getting the Foodpanda voucher on Shopback. This way you may get additional cashback on the voucher. (Bonus: you may use your cash back credit card when purchasing the voucher on Shopback)


This post contains referral links. When you use my referral link, I might get a referral bonus from the platform.

Everything is based on my personal experience and the information is as per the time I write this post.

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