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Finance Reviews Yay or Nay

Honest Review of A Grab Platinum Member and Why You Should Upgrade

[Updated 6th August 2023]Grab Platinum Member doesn’t make much difference nowadays. See the updates as below. I got my Grab Platinum member tier early this year and earned rewards from around 1.8% to 3.125% since then. (If you would like to know how to maximize your rewards earnings, you may read my previous post here). …

Lifestyle Reviews Yay or Nay

8 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps That I Tried and Tested

Eco-friendly swap refers to a switch of habits or products to more environmentally friendly options. One of my life goals is living a sustainable life. My current lifestyle is nowhere near the ultimate sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle. But, I am working on it and aim to be one step closer every day. So, I would …

Lifestyle Reviews Yay or Nay

Yoodo Review – The Customizable Telco Plan

Yoodo Review – January 2020 Finally, after drafting for months, I present you my honest Yoodo review. Just in case, if you don’t know Yoodo, it is the first telecommunications provider in Malaysia that allow users to custom their own mobile plan. I have been using Yoodo since August 2019 but I knew Yoodo longer …