Local product in Malaysia that can be a gift for your loved ones. 2022 is here and it’s time to prepare gifts for birthdays, gifting seasons, anniversaries and many more.

As the e-commerce blooms during the locked down, I started to find more and more local products by local brands in Malaysia. And, they are pretty awesome and reasonable priced too.

Don’t worry, I got your back. Here I share my secret list of the products I personally eyeing to get as a gift.


local product in Malaysia
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

Candles can be a decoration as well as fragrance, which is a great gift. Especially for those who love to light candles for relaxing.


Price range: Mostly from RM25 per candle (65 grams & RM65 for 170 grams)

Lilian+co is a local brand that produces aesthetic yet smells good artisanal candles. A few of their famous scent would be Neroli & Ylang Ylang, Lychee & Black Tea, Wild Frangipani and Burnt Fig & Cassis.

For gifting, you may get the gift box set which is able to fit in three small candles (65 grams). Don’t worry if you don’t know which scent to choose, you can always get their E-gift voucher (maybe write a handwritten card to pair with the voucher if you prefer) and the recipient gets to choose the scent they prefer.

Lilin+Co is on:

Official website | Facebook | Instagram

Concrete Decor

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

Even if you don’t own concrete decor, you probably have seen one before. I think you can say it is a trend for home decor these few years. It gives minimalist or industrial vibes depending on the different designs.


Price range: The price range defer for different decors. Mostly what I saw was from RM39 to RM129

BentukBentuk is a local brand that makes beautiful concrete decoration pots, trays or many more. Their products are absolutely eye-catching. Not the regular grey or white concrete, their designs come with colours chips that stand out in the white concrete.

You can find BentukBentuk on:

Official website | Facebook | Instagram


Apparel is one of the practical gifts that one can get.


Price range: Mostly from RM25 to RM159. (Depends on what items)

MUNI is a Malaysian apparel brand where they create different products such as clothes, bags or face mask using natural dyeing. The brand creates a trust label in which they listed the information regarding the raw resources, the process and even what can you do at the end of life of the product.

Their design is mostly simple and minimalist which are suitable to be a gift for anyone.

You can find them offline at a few places and also on their official website. The brand is available on Instagram as well.

Leather Customise

If you know someone who is a leather fan, leather customises probably is a good gift.

The elephant hand (@boonfei)

Price range: From RM29 (depends on size and complexity I guess.)

I found this seller on Carousell a few years ago. Boonfei provides all sorts of leather customization from keychains, lanyards, wallets even handbag.

Previously, I ordered customization of a long wallet from Boonfei. The price is pretty affordable I can say for a customise leather wallet (mine was around RM200 plus). The awesome thing about customization is you get to remove the features you dislike and add in those that you like. You can even request name emboss.

Boonfei also accepts gift orders as well. Of course, you might get a better price when your order came with a higher volume.

Check Boonfei out on Carousell if you are interested.

Custom Ceramics

Other than leather customise, we have custom ceramics as well.


Price range: Unknown, please contact the seller if interested.

Claypu, accept orders for customizing ceramics. However, from their Instagram, I noted that it takes around 2 months to complete a design. So, that’s means you need to order at least two months earlier in order to get it in time. (This is what I notice from their Instagram, of course, contact them to get more accurate information if you are interested.)

One of a kind ceramic items would be an awesome gift I would say.

Contact Claypu now on Instagram or Facebook.

Enamel Pins

Am I the only one that loved enamel pins? I think the pins are awesome to decorate clothes, bags or anything that are basics or just to give an extra design on something. And you can switch between pins according to your moods, why not?

You might even get couples, sisters or brothers pairs with your loved ones.


Price range: They have other products as well but for enamel pins mostly from RM22 to RM25

Lebihlah creates enamel pins that symbolise Malaysian’s memories like the Super Ring, RM 2 Bank Note, Motorsikal EX5 and many more which makes it an interesting gift.

Read their product description if you happen to take a look at their products. I loved the details they have.

They are on their official website, Instagram, Facebook and Shopee.


Photo by STIL on Unsplash

A good quality journal or planner definitely would be a nice gift for someone who plans or writes a lot physically. (If they do it digitally then this might not be a good gift, think twice.)

There might be a lot of high-quality brands out there but here I have the brand that makes the local product in Malaysia.

ana tomy

Price range: The price range are vary based on your choices, the cover and insert set are mostly from RM138

ana tomy is a great choice for getting a customised notebook. From cover to inserts, almost everything can be customised according to your preference, not to mention you can inscribe up to 10 characters on the notebook.

They have all sorts of choices you can select from. If you don’t have something in mind, you may need some time to go through all the selections available on their website.

Of course, if you really can’t make up your mind which to choose, then a gift card is for you. Even better, they have both physical and virtual gift cards. Their gift cards range from RM100 to RM630.

Find out more on the official website, Instagram and Facebook.


Fragrance, a challenging gift I could say. In order to select a fragrance that matches someone characteristics or preferences, you need to know the person quite well.

Alwis & Xavier

Price range: Mostly RM65 and above

I first knew this brand for its solid perfumes. Over time, I saw more products in Alwis & Xavier’s range. They now have deodorant and solid body wash & scrub.

If someone is into fragrance, then this might be a good choice. Their solid perfumes come with a few choices for both men and women. Their perfumes are not just handcrafted with natural ingredients and it does not have alcohol as well. Plus, it is a solid perfume so it is convenient to bring it with you everywhere, easy to reapply and no more worries about the glass and bottles.

Check out their perfumes range either on their official website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Personal Care Products

Showing your love with something very close to life such as personal care products. Take care of your loved one from every perspective.

LAVE Republic

Price range: Range from RM12.50 and above

LAVE Republic main product I would say is handmade soaps. They have all kinds of soap from hair to toes. My personal favourite would be their hair conditioner bar and My Cup of Tea which is a 2-in-1 face and body soap.

Personally, I love the way they disclose the ingredients in their products and also come up with interesting names for their soaps. Most important is their awareness of being sustainable. Their parcel mainly comes in a carton box and with no or minimum plastics.

While I writing this, they now have a discount of RM10 with minimum spending of RM45 until 31st January 2022. If you are interested, now check them out at their official website. Of course, they are on Facebook and Instagram as well.

That’s it, the local product in Malaysia that I personally would opt for gifting. Supporting the local product in Malaysia is a great way to show our love for local business, especially in a time like this.

Comment down below your favourite local product in Malaysia if not listed above. I would really love to know more about them.

Featured image by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash

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